Girl Perfectly Trolls The Desperate Guy Who Begs To See What’s Under The Towel


We all girls have met a desperate guy at least once in our lifetime but when you perfectly trolls him, that what makes it memorable. And of course, we can’t deny the fact that there is nothing better than trolling someone. So a desperate guy named Michael made it fairly clear that he wanted to see the girl he was texting as he kept asking her “what’s under her towel.” Well, let’s just say that the girl on the receiving end wasn’t going to give Michael what he wanted instead perfectly trolls him.

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It all starts with a guy named Michael wanting to see what the girl he is texting is wearing. And it all started just like every other thing starts off.

girl perfectly trolls desperate guy

He asked and she gave him what he wanted. Undeterred, Michael kept on asking for more.

girl perfectly trolls desperate guy

But he didn’t stop there! He wanted to know more. So he asked what was there under the towel and the girl showed him up.

girl perfectly trolls desperate guy 


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