16 Interesting And Gross Facts About Pee That You Need To Know!


What do we actually know about our pee? That it is gross, and a waste product. I bet the majority of us don’t know about it’s uses(yes, you heard me right!). Did you know that the color of your pee could tell what you’ve been eating? Or, do you know that what causes the it to stink? Well you don’t have to worry folks, in this article I will tell you some very peculiarly interesting(can be gross too!) facts about it.

Here are 16 interesting facts about pee that you never knew before.

1. Urine, comes from the Latin word Urina  which is from the variant of the Proto-Indo-European root, meaning “to moisten, flow.”

pee facts


2. Ancient Roman spies, used urine as an invisible ink to send messages back. The messages could only be read when the paper was heated. (Just like we write on papers with a blunt object and shade it with pencil to make the text visible. Yeah close enough! No?)

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3. American pioneers used to treat earaches by pouring warm urine inside their ears and then plugging them with cloth.

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