20 Hipster Tattoos You Will Love To Get Inked On Your Body


Ever wondered if you’re a hippie? What exactly do we mean by a hippie? No! Hippies are not the ones that protest nuclear proliferation; they’re just against the organized establishment. They are usually found wearing beads, with long facial and body hairs, lots of weed and grass. But more than often, you only come across people who try to adopt the lifestyle. The true essence of the hippies is all about being authentic and to explore the inner space. People get some amazing hipster Tattoos done to express their interests as a hippie.

The first hippie movement was started back in the fifties during the conformist era. Hippies were the people who are after spirituality and who are rebelling against the materialistic things. For example, according to hippies; the one who live for societal acceptance like going to the church for the sake of neighbours or to be a part of the society. That being said, hippies are wanderers are against the conventional careers in search of their spirituality and therefore tend to devote to the pursuits like music, art, crafts et.al. That being said, they are also a part of the drugs.

Why do people get tattoos (Hipster Tattoos)?

  1. People get tattoos for various reasons serving different purposes. Some of them include:
  2. People get tattoos to mark achievements, accomplishments and if someone is entering a new stage in life or when they’re confronting the challenges.
  3. People get tattoos to send a clear message or to show their gratitude for memorable events and things.
  4. People get tattoos also to show that they are a part of the different culture or to flaunt their cultural identification.
  5. People get tattoos to indicate that they are a part of bigger dominant and rebellious culture than the traditional customs and norms.

While the hippies get tattoos for the last reason to display their wanderer culture, here are 20 hipster tattoos that you will love to get inked on your body.

Hipster Tattoos 01

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Hipster Tattoos 02

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Hipster Tattoos 03

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Hipster Tattoos 04

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