Hilarious Examples of the Most Confusing Wife Logic


7.Checking her cell phones means you’re spying her:

According to a wife’s logic, you can’t check her cell phone but she can check your cell phone. Accidently checking her cell phone or inbox means you have trust issues and you’re spying on her.

hilarious examples of wife logic

8.The explosion

If you compliment your wife she will find it hard to digest your words. If you compliment your female colleague or friend in front of her, dude better get ready to face some explosion at home tonight.

hilarious examples of wife logic

9.I’ll be there in 5 minutes

You are already late for a party due to a hectic schedule, you reach home at 10 and the party will be off by 11. Wife logic when she says-“I will be ready in five minutes” means it will take more time. You will never reach the party on time.

hilarious examples of wife logic


10.The diet mania:

You guys hang out and chose to hop in for some junk for dinner because there isn’t any other option nearby. She will blast on you because she is on diet and won’t eat the stuff but will end up eating your French fries.


It is indeed really difficult to decode wife logic. To all the husbands out here better love her and do not try to understand what she means. You will always be surprised with her hilarious logics.


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