Hilarious Examples of the Most Confusing Wife Logic


Be it wives, girlfriends, female friends, mommies men just can’t escape their confusing logics. For most of the men dealing with women, especially their own wife is like trying to crack an impossible deal. Understanding wife logic feels like knowing the unknown.

Here are some hilarious examples of wife logic!

1.The more the options, flaunting gets better:

Be it clothes, accessories, cosmetics or shoes wives have a wide range of stuff but don’t even use half of them. Wife logic points on flaunting with more options.

hilarious examples of wife logic

2.Wild imaginations:

When you don’t share your passwords with your wife, you have stepped into an inevitable danger zone. Hiding passwords or clearing history from her means you are having a girlfriend. She goes really wild on her imaginations.

hilarious examples of wife logic

3.The irresistible dilemma:

When your wife is trying an old dress after a long time but she fails to fit her and she asks you “Have I really gone fat?” You call her beautiful she won’t believe you. A wife’s logic -saying yes to her question on being fat cause a big problem.



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