16 Apology Notes That Are Just Down Right Painfully Hilarious!


Oh, Sh*t! I am so Sorry! I did not see you coming. Does that hurt? Oops…Apology! Did I stamp on your feet? Sounds familiar? We get so many sorries and we say so many sorries to people. But how many times do we actually mean it? The word sorry has become so customary in that we say it involuntarily! Even when we sneeze or cough… I guess we do mean it that time. My point is, the word has lost it’s meaning somewhere…Don’t you think?

An apology is actually asked for, to mend the things which have been hurt. Or maybe not? Whatever is the thing, I never imagined apologizing to turn out funny!

Below are 16 Hilarious Apology notes that would leave you wondering… What exactly it is to be sorry!

1. When your roommate is fond of ice and you cannot do it!

Sorry notes
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2. Are you pizza crazy too?

This guy apparently is and he is sorry for it!

Sorry notes
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3. Pretending to prepare a sorry note…

I am still confused… whether is actually saying sorry for the act or just pretending…

Sorry notes
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