How Is It Like To Be With Your Forever Person? Find Out Here!


Not everyone is lucky enough to find their forever person and once they find them it is impossible to know if they are actually their forever person until they have witnessed their own forever with them. Love is a tricky subject. It comes like a breath of fresh air and sweeps you off your feet but it may wear off with time unless you have found the one and only.


1. You do not have to think twice about telling them your real feelings.


You might upset them with how you actually feel (say you did not like their new recipe) but if you still choose to always be honest with them that means that they have given you the liberty to do so and their love for you is enough not to be bothered by little things.

2. Farts, Sweat and Other Gross Stuff


Farts are funny and they are not repulsed by your sweat. It is really something to be that intimate with someone and it is not easy to happen again.

3. Passion Fruit


You can be honest about the passionate part and talk to them about all your kinks without being judged and without asserting a compulsion to do them.

4. Understanding


They understand your needs and mindset and do not impose their chain of thoughts on you. You know how to agree to disagree and this does not come between your love for each other. You understand each other’s thought process.

5. Sacrifices


They make sacrifices and you know when they do it and vice versa. No one can be together without sacrificing or changing something. You both know when it is okay to adjust according to both of your needs and when it is not.

6. Care


You take immense care of each other’s physical and mental health and wellness. You know how lucky your are to have each other and you will not risk it at any cost.

7. Shoulder


You both are always there to give each other shoulder at stressful situations. You both are each other’s constant support and you look up to each other when things do not go right. At the end of the day, you know you will overcome it as long as you are together.

8. Forgiveness


Everyone makes small mistakes. You might be offended by something they said or you might say something and regret later. Your forever person and you should not always remember these little offences, rather sort them out soon, forgive and forget. Life is too short to keep grudges for your loved ones.

9. Trust


You completely trust them. You know in today’s world anything is possible and your lover might be lying to you but both of you still trust each other and will always give each other time and a chance to explain themselves.

10. Your Forever Person is Your Home


You are each other’s home. You want to end each day in each other’s arms. In the case of long distance relationships, you fall back to your lover at the end of the day and tell them everything. You want them with you always and when they are not, you are too eager to share everything and they are too eager to listen and vice versa.

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