You’ll Be Shocked To Know About These Strange Laws From Around The World!


Laws are usually made for the benefit of the citizens and the country as a whole. But, some laws can be just baseless and weird. Yep, these countries across the world have some absolutely meaningless laws that will really shock and annoy you at the same time. These strange laws are applicable to both citizens and tourists alike and you can’t escape them!

Strange laws from these countries will actually make you question about the sanity of the lawmakers!

1. Italy.

You can’t wear slippers out in the open in Italy, the rule is for both citizens and tourists alike. If you’re found wearing slippers, you will be fined.


2. Thailand.

You aren’t allowed to drive or walk without clothes. I mean isn’t that what’s normal, not going bare bodied in public especially when you’re driving. Well, this law though unnecessary but has its reasons.

3. Canada.

You can’t buy walkers for toddlers. Walkers are banned in Canada because the government thinks that walkers can cause injury to the babies and hence it is safer to avoid them.
4. Australia.

You can’t change a bulb on your own in Australia. Only professionals who are certified electricians can perform any work related to electricity.
5. Greece.

You can’t play videos games in an internet cafe, If found doing so you can be heavily fined or even jailed. In fact, in 2002 the police arrested a gamer who used to go to the internet cafes and used to play for hours.

strange laws6. Sweden.

In Sweden, you aren’t allowed to dance in public. No citizen or tourist is allowed to perform on the streets without permission. You will be fined if seen tapping to any music.
strange laws7. France.

France doesn’t allow ketchup to be served regularly. In fact, the schools are strictly instructed to not serve ketchups more than once in a week.
strange laws8. Turkmenistan.

Black is considered to be a sign of bad luck hence it doesn’t permit the usage of black cars. The owners have to opt for more brighter colors.
strange laws9. Iran.

Having a hair law isn’t something new, but Iran has strict rules against having Western hairstyles. People seen adopting Western hairstyles will be fined.strange laws10. Malaysia.

You can’t wear yellow in Malaysia. The reason may sound stupid to us. But it is of great significance to the citizens. A group of activists protested against the unfair election system. And they all wore yellow since then nobody is allowed to wear yellow to any event.
strange laws

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