Hysterical Photos That Show Why We Can’t Trust Anyone on Social Media


Social media is one big place for everyone to share their photos and their lives with the world. Everything we see on social media is just so perfect, that even we want the same with ourselves, but real life isn’t so perfect now, isn’t it? There are countless things we can find online that are so amazing and flawless like luxury cars, hot models, aesthetic photos, expensive vacations and what not. Even we ourselves post those same things online, but we know what we do to do that, don’t we? And that’s just a simple truth everyone avoids to show their lives are perfect online. So, ultimately, we can’t trust anyone on social media if we can’t trust ourselves.

Below are some hysterical photos to show why we can’t trust anyone on social media:

That’s a perfect stretch.

Wow, that’s a smart move.

Flawless and poreless makeup exists only in photos.

social media

Something all of us have discovered by now already I’m afraid.

Things we do for love.

Seriously, people go to so much extent just for that perfect photo, it’s crazy!

Every boyfriend is so hardworking in this, it mesmerizing.

Everyone wants that perfect photo after all.

Workouts are really hard to catch in photos.

Even her abs look photoshopped for some reason.

A professional model revealing behind the scenes.

She always gives out the message that you can be beautiful even without being perfect.

Well, modified slippers.

social media

Gucci in less than a dollar, smart move.

Non-existent boyfriends are a thing on social media.

social media

Not all women might be showing fake boyfriends, but some definitely can.

Best friends will support you in any situation.

social media

No matter what the cost, right?

Aren’t the droplets on this beast too big?

At least we know the reason.

Behind the scenes of most aesthetic photos.

social media

Add some filters and there’s your amazing autumn photo.

Poses matter.

social media

The best camera angles can hide the worst body shapes, right?

So, it was all a lie?


I have never felt more cheated in my life.


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