12 Perfect Reasons Why Your Little Sister Is Your BFF


12 Perfect Reasons Why Your Little Sister Is Your BFF

This article is very close to me. I just parted with my sister and now I hate her even more for going away. We all know how siblings are annoying, irresponsible and most of the time a pain in the ass. But they are a blessing, no matter how late in life that becomes evident. It is a universal fact that nothing quite surpasses the bond between the bond between sisters.

You might want to get rid of your sister today, but trust me one day you will look back all the times and thank god you have that little bundle of sunshine to keep you on your toes for all the best years. Whether you were the responsible older sibling shaking your head at your younger sibling, or they were the responsible ones rolling their eyes at you. Admit it! You both have a pile of unforgettable memories as sisters cherishing it as BFF.

The older sisters all around the world can agree that for better or for worse, the following stated points are the most amazing things about having a little sister and why she is your all time BFF:


  1. She knows you better than anyone else

She knows how loud you snore, she’s heard the words you mumble at night in your sleep, she knows your face cream and foot cream names, and let’s not forget- she’s probably seen you naked throughout her life now. So there is technically nothing hidden from her now. And even worse the little sisters have this creepy ability to sense your feelings. So if you are upset or angry you never have to tell her. She herself takes the safety precaution. 😀

Your Little Sister Is Your BFF

  1. Inside jokes

All that time you spend with your sister results in something, and more often than not, it’s inside jokes. No matter what the age difference is you always find something else to laugh about. It may even be an innuendo that she doesn’t understand and you have to end up explaining to her.

Your Little Sister Is Your BFF

  1. Daringly goofing together

Your sister can convert all your weird and embarrassing moments into the funniest and memorable ones. You belch louder, fart louder and laugh louder than you would ever would around anyone else. If either of you tells manage to get a bad picture of the other one it can be used as a tool to blackmail and seek revenge. Been there, done that :p

Your Little Sister Is Your BFF
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  1. The ultimate excuse for your escapades

Yes! You can go out with your friends anywhere and everywhere you want…. if you bring your sister along. She becomes your outing visa. And who needs friends to window shop when you have an awesome sister to hang out with.

Your Little Sister Is Your BFF


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