10 World’s Most Frustrating Murder Mysteries, Still Unsolved! #8 Is So Terrifying!


10 World’s most frustrating murder mysteries

1. Jack, the Ripper

This is Probably one of the most famous murder mysteries which is still unsolved.
1888: 11 brutal murders were committed in the Whitechapel District of East London. All the victims in these cases were prostitutes & the serial killer became known as “Jack the ripper”. His identity could not be uncovered.

unsolved murder mysteries

2. Boogeyman a.k.a. The Axeman of New Orleans

1918, New Orleans: Joseph Maggio, a local grocer, and his wife were butchered in their sleep with an axe. The axe was left in the spot which was still covered with their blood. The axe man killed 8 more people as per records & was never found.

unsolved murder mysteries

3. The Zodiac Killing

:Killing people because it was fun.“- this message was sent to a newspaper in san Francisco via post.  The sender called himself “Zodiac”. In 1968 a couple was shot in their car in a lover’s lane. The killer continued the massacre by killing a couple in a public park and shooting a cab driver in the head. The zodiac mystery is still unsolved as he was never caught.It is one of those murder mysteries where police weren’t able to find any proofs till date.

unsolved murder mysteries

4. The Death of Edgar Allen Poe

1849: Author Edgar Allen Poe was found slouched in front of a bar on October 3. He was taken to hospital where he died a few days later.The Newspaper reported the death as “congestion of the brain”, which is a common alcohol poisoning. But his death certificate could never be found. Rumours of his drugs and alcohol was exaggerated. Poe was found wearing clothes that weren’t his. Back then some politicians used to hire men to kidnap people, drug them and drag them over cities.

unsolved murder mysteries


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