Love Doesn’t Have A Expiry Date! These Pictures Of Time-less Love Will Warm Your Heart


True, age is just a number and it cannot decide love or define relationships. In fact, there are many moments in life which depict that love truly knows no age limits. What matters in love and relationship is maturity and not the age of the partners. How better to understand it than through a series of pictures. Pictures capture moments and there are moments that depict true love surpassing age limits. Whether it is about an old couple enjoying nature together or indulging in pedicure in a salon together it shows that you can enjoy each other’s company if you have true love between you.

Old couple playing prank on each other such as the husband pressing down on the weighing device while the wife is measuring her weight or hugging each other tight when the husband pressing on his wife’s buttocks, it depicts true love. It is only true love that can give rise to such situations.

It can also be about wearing matching T-Shirts with matching messages or about cuddling each other in public or away from the public. Whatever it is, it does show the affinity of the partners for each other. This is what makes true love between two partners irrespective of their age.

Being happy or lively is also a sign of being in love with each other. Whether it is the wife riding the trolley on the way to the supermarket or carrying bags from the supermarket together, it depicts a sense of comfort of the partners in each other’s company.

You thought that making funny faces in front of the camera is the sole preserve of the youth! Nope, even old couples can do it together, and when they do it, it is not just making funny faces,it is an expression of loving each other’s company and going forward with each other.

You can also observe such unconditional love in old couples dancing in their grandchildren’s or great grandchildren’s wedding.

Lets take a look at some of the adorable sights Age-less love below



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