Model Labeled “Queen Of The Dark” After Uber Driver Asked To Bleach Her Incredible Dark Skin


A Sudanese model Nyakim Gatwech (24) has instantly become an icon and has been renamed ‘Queen of the Dark” after an Uber driver happened to ask her if she would bleach her incredible dark skin for $10K. When she was told this she laughed and was speechless, then she asked him “Why on earth would I ever bleach this beautiful melanin?” Well, right now she lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and through her Instagram account, where she not only tries to show her incredible sultry modeling poses but to encourage diversity and support those who don’t have a voice.

This model with her incredible dark skin and with conviction, dedication, and boldness is breaking all boundaries of unusual beauty, and instigating others to follow in the same footsteps.also, read

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Let us find out more about this incredible dark skin Sudanese model “Queen of the Dark”

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1. Nyakim Gatwech(24) has taken the fashion industry by storm with her incredible dark skin.

model incredible dark skin queen of the dark


2. Before she could become a sensational model, she was not even considered anywhere near beauty.

model incredible dark skin queen of the dark


3. But, when an Uber driver approached her to bleach her dark skin as there was nothing appealing about it, that’s when she acknowledged, with laughter and accepted her dark skin as an incredible weapon.

model incredible dark skin queen of the dark


4. She got a snap from one of her followers, which said ‘Do you know if someone shoots you, the bullet will come back and ask for a flashlight’

model incredible dark skin queen of the dark


5. She captioned an Instagram photo of hers “My chocolate is elegant. So is what I represent… A nation of warriors.”

model incredible dark skin queen of the dark


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