8 Ways To Find Out If The Guy Is Right For You


All the single ladies, all the single ladies…and the one’s who’re dating too, ATTENTION! You might think you have or might find the perfect guy you’ve been waiting for. But is he the one? How do you tell?

Here are some ways to find out if the guy is right for you and to understand the difference between dude, jerk, and good guy:

1. Confused fellow: 

What will you have? Coffee or something to eat?”, “umm, I don’t know” ,Sounds familiar? If you are with a guy who’s always confused about everything, from what band he likes to what  movie he wants to go to, you are probably going to end up frustrated and unhappy. These are also the types of  men with commitment issues because they are NEVER sure.

confused guy


 2. He’s cute but… :

This or that, you are always complaining about him to your friends and you always ALWAYS say “but he’s so cute” in the end. Darling, there’s more to a relationship than having a cute guy. Don’t be with someone who can’t be more than cute or pretty.

          Cute guy


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