10 Oddest Mothers In The World You Probably Didn’t Know About


4. Elizabeth Buttle – Mother who gave birth to babies keeping the age gap between them to be quite huge.

Elizabeth Buttle gave birth to two children and what makes it unique is the age difference between them. Much to everyone’s surprise, she delivered a baby after whooping age gap of 41 years. She had her second child at the age of 60.

10 oddest mothers inn the world.Via

5. Rajo Devi Lohan – oldest lady to become a mother.

Rajo Devi Lohan made it to the list of oddest mothers when she bore a baby girl at the age of 70. You read it right, 70 it is. Usually, at the age of 70’s, women can be seen playing with their grandchildren but this lady fulfilled her wish to become a mother. Due to some medical problems, she wasn’t able to conceive for last 40 years of her life. According to her, Naveen ( her daughter) has given her a reason to live. She wants to see her marry.

10 oddest mothers in the world.Via

6. Mahajabeen Sheikh – Mom of the tiniest baby.

She is the mother of world’s tiniest baby. She gave birth to a baby girl at 25 weeks and 6 days gestation. She weighed only 8.6 ounces when she was born at Loyola University Medical Center. Basically baby was lighter than a can of beer! 10 oddest mothers in the world.Via 


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