20 Hilarious Karma Moments That Are Just Down Right Painful!


Karma or deed repays in different forms – be it good or bad. But, when you the result is so instant, you get to believe in Karma too. I have compiled some hilarious Karma moments with instant effects. #7 and #12 are not to be missed, they are just super hilarious.

It is said that whatever you give to others will bounce back to you some day for sure. This is called Karma. People who believe in it will surely understand these Karma stories. People in these images might not have thought while acting that exactly the same can return back to them. After all, Karma does its part. Here are some illuminating yet hilarious Karma moments that will make you go ROFL.

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These hilarious Karma moments will actually make you feel better. Scroll till the end to have full fun.

1. Pranks usually turn back on you.

karma moments, hilarious


2. Now this is super hilarious. The parking enforcement officer too? This is called tasting your own cookies.

hilarious, karma moments


3. This is hilarious. As you sow, so shall you reap. ROFL!

hilarious. karma moments


4. Yaks! Next time you will twice before locking your dog inside for a long time.

hilarious, karma moments



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