Funny Airport Signs That Went Beyond ‘Welcome Back’ Will Leave You In Splits


Flying into a home! get prepared for some funny and sometimes heartwarming airport signs that your near and dear ones or colleagues or friends may be up with. Indeed, for the families, friends, and colleagues who make these funny airport signs of welcoming home, the flyer has a different tone altogether, though they don’t miss out on the quintessential message of welcome. If you are a frequent flyer, you may observe many such placards that relatives or families of people who have just flown in are carrying. There are many such funny and humorous airport signs that went overboard in saying “Welcome Back”.

Take for example the sign that reads “3 sassy orphans seek loving parents.” This obviously has been done by three children who were anxiously waiting for their parents to return. So they came up with the idea of welcoming their parents at the airport lounge with this sassy and funny airport sign.

For a man whose sweetheart has been waiting for him to return, an airport sign carried by his fiancé that reads like – I would wait for you forever, but 200 days is too long – can be really heartwarming one and funny too.

What about grandchildren waiting for their grandmother with an airport signs that reads – Grandma, Welcome Home From Rehab. This can be a real token of love and a heartwarming message for the grandmother.

Friends or colleagues waiting in the lounge with an airport sign like – Oh, thank god, you somehow survived – may seem to be a little tricky, but it effuses a feeling of relief at the return of their dear friend or colleague.

For a family that is frustrated at their separation with the dear family member, a placard saying something like “Go back, we hate you” can be quite a normal outcome of long wait. It is an outcome of emotions that resulted from long separation. The recipient has to get to the bottom of the message and that would make for a family reunion to celebrate.

Let’s have a look at some of the most funniest airport ‘welcome back’ signs ever.

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