Couldn’t Handle Rejection So They Took Things To Extreme Level


Rejection is something almost everyone fears of. To handle rejection is not everyone’s cup of tea and differs from person to person. There are people who don’t let rejection affect them thinking on a positive note that something is better in on their way. There are people who go rebellious over being rejected.

Here are instances of people who went crazy because they couldn’t handle rejection

1. Creepy guy

We decided to go out for one day and share the expenses equally. He refused to share the expenses. Post dinner he asked to spend the night with him in the hotel room. I didn’t want to go fast so I refused to go to his room. He got wild and pulled off my top sleeves. Next day he abused me on the dating app and demanded to pay all the bills or he would rape me.1

2. The stabber

I met this guy for marriage. He wanted to know my income. When I said I would disclose only if he would disclose me his salary first his behavior changed. He denied, I rejected him and left the place. He couldn’t handle rejection and so the other day he came to my place raged and tried to stab my father.People Who Took Things To Extreme Level Because They Couldn't Handle Rejection

3. The Madam

I went in for an interview. She read my resume and agreed to offer me the job only if I promised to satisfy her daily. I told her I was loyal to my wife and family. She said better accept it or you will face something big the next morning. I said thank you, madam and walked out. She couldn’t handle rejection. The next morning police came in looking after me at my place saying that I tried to assault my boss during the interview and thus I am supposed to be behind the bars.

People Who Took Things To Extreme Level Because They Couldn't Handle Rejection


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