10 90’s School Memories That Will Remind You of The Happier Times


The era of the nineties is a favorite for many, including me. Life seemed to be a little slower, a little less stressful and perhaps also a little boring since there were no internet, iPhone, Facebook and cable TV. Catching guppies at the longkangs, playing hide and seeks, challenging spiders in matchboxes… What were your favourite school memories? September meant back-to-school season. Maybe the sound of that makes you cringe, or thank your lucky stars you don’t have to go back to those dreaded halls. Or, maybe you feel a bit of nostalgia. Wasn’t it exciting to go shopping with your parents and pick out a fresh new set of notebooks, or even a funky collection of writing utensils (gel pens, anyone)? Even though things are developed now, 90’s School Supplies were something totally amazing and lovable.

Working in an office doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same small pleasures.

Check out These extensive school memories from the 90’s.

1. Doodle Box, $10

school memories
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Great for coloring book fanatics—contain all your colors in an adorable little container. Speaking of…

2. Making The Entire School Bus Laugh With Your “Yo Mama” Jokes

school memories
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I remember agonizing over finding the perfect “yo mama” joke to use (aka you mama so this, you mama so that … you were there, you remember) You had to memorize a lot of jokes if you wanted to impress. Thankfully, the entire school bus would be laughing. Which made it kinda worth it. This had a major hand in making people fond of the 90’s school memories.

3. Gelly Roll Pens

school memories
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I had about 1,000 of these in every color.


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