7 Types Of People You Will Always Meet In A Trip! #6 Is So True!



When you discuss your latest adventure before it commences your mind wanders to visions of exotic lands and mesmerising locations. More than the locations, the excitement boils down to meeting new people on the trip. There is a desire to meet indigenous like- minded and wildly different people.

These different people you pick up during your trip journey fit into different profiles. These personalities differ with their humour, annoying habits, lifestyle difference but no matter what they are always ingrained in your wanderlust memory.

These are categories of people you are sure to meet in your trip:

  1. The Selfie Besties

You will always find a pair of selfie buddies who will be more focused on their selfie sticks and camera angles rather than the scenic beauty of the surroundings. The most predictable location is the Wi-Fi zone uploading their OMG moments. They are quite friendly with their camera around and they might as well grab you for a photo or two or five or ten…

Types Of People You Always Meet In Your Trip or travelling
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  1. The Hippy

He’s going for the experienced traveller look. Caucasian, sporting dreadlocks, facial hair and odd tattoo, this guy here hasn’t probably washed in a week. But he is sure to take you to “the most amazing” travel destination no one else has ever heard of.


Types Of People You Always Meet In Your Trip or travelling
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