12 Perfect Responses For When Someone Ignore Your Text!


People are obsessed with their phones these days, and when you send a text message you know, they read them.Even worse there is a setting that lets you know they have read them if you both have it on.So when people don’t write you back, it makes you crazy doesn’t it? Well, I found a list of the perfect responses to people that won’t text you back. Whether it is via SMS, WhatsApp or some other messaging app, we all know how annoying it is to text someone and expect an answer, but the other party just ignores you and don’t text you back. Even worse, especially on WhatsApp, you can see that they read it and fully know an answer is expected but yet they don’t text you back.

Here are few epic and perfect responses you can try when someone doesn’t text you back

1. This person who knows exactly what’s happening.

perfect responses
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One of the Perfect responses! Because you are not texting me back, I end up talking to myself.


2.   This person with all the jokes.

perfect responses
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“Sorry if I am annoying you with my friendship. Don’t worry. I will NEVER annoy you again! Goodbye!”
Nice one! With perfect response.


3. This person with valid expectations.

perfect responses
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