These Hilarious Pictures Showing How Singles Tried To Enjoy Valentine Alone


With 14th Feb around the corner, typical romantic love stories and the emotional saga has taken over the entire social media. This is definitely a reminiscing week for all the lovers out here but for our single companions, this gets worse and worse as the D-Day approaches. While all of your friends are busy purchasing flowers and chocolates for their valentine, you are busy watching movies all cuddled up in blankets. Many times your single life puts you up in a great complex. You are unable to prove yourself the cool and sassy dude as your crush walks away from you. As a result, some of you go deep into the introvert depression and some come out with unique ideas. Why don’t we fake a valentine then? At least you’d be engaged in something, just for a show-off.

Sounds a stupid idea, right? Well, you’ll laugh like crazy when you see how these people tried to fake a valentine!

1. All you need is kohl and you’re done. 

How about your Imaginary Girlfriend giving you a Halloween kind of look?

Fake a valentine by following these steps.

2. So what if you couldn’t walk down the aisle holding your partner’s hand. Alteast you can make the world believe it.

Paint your nails, wear some girly bracelets and go for this one. PS – In some cases, you may have to get your hand waxed too.

This man put some serious efforts :p

Fake a valentine by following these steps.

3. Dinner Date? 

That is an easy job too. Let the world think that you now have a bae to wipe off your face.

Fake a valentine by following these steps.  


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