Common Fights Between Couples In The First Year Of Marriage


When you are dating, things are different, you expect lesser from your partner. But when you get marries, it’s a different thing altogether. You start taking responsibilities and ownership. You have to take care of your family, do financial planning, and while you are busy doing these things, you tend to do mistakes. Things change between you and your partner in just a few months after marriage and sometimes you won’t be able to adapt to these changes.

fight between couples after marriage

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Here are the fights between couples in the first year of marriage. Let’s take a look!

1. ‘What happened to our chemistry’ fight

When you are burdened with financial planning or busy in looking for a good job, you may fail to give attention to your partner and this leads to the fight. Your partner will often complain saying that there is no spark or chemistry between you two.

fight between couples after marriage

2. The ‘let’s have a baby’ fight

You have to make sure that you and your partner have a common goal. When you two are going in two different directions, it is obvious that you will end up fighting.

fight between couples after marriage

3. ‘I’m done cleaning the house’ fight

You need to divide the household work. Mostly it’s the girl who takes care of cleaning bedroom and messy kitchen after dining. If you don’t cooperate with her or help her in work, she will definitely go mad.

fight between couples after marriage

4. Fight over saving and spending

It’s quite natural in every relationship that one person will be engaged the shopper and the other will focus on savings. The first step is to do proper financial planning and talk to your partner about money matters.

fight between couples after marriage

5. Fight over not maintaining a proper work-life balance

Does your partner have a habit of taking unfinished work home? Or do you see him/her doing conference calls even after work hours? Well, they may not avoid such things but what matters is that you maintain your work-life balance properly.

fight between couples after marriage

6. Fight over not having s3x

Sometimes a partner may need more s3x than you. In that case, you two have to communicate properly and make sure that you s3x life doesn’t die right after a few years of marriage.

fight between couples after marriage

7. Fight over that one girl or guy at your partner’s workspace

Do you feel jealous when your partner likes someone at work and keeps talking about them? Well, it’s natural that it will lead to a fight or some sort of miscommunication. If you give more attention to others than your partner, only a few people on this earth won’t feel bad about it.

fight between couples after marriage

8. The fight over ‘what goes where’

Doesn’t matter if you lived before but right after you get married, things change. There will always be someone who is better than keeping stuff properly. If you listen to him/her, that’s good but if you two start arguing over it, then it’s definitely a problem.

fight between couples after marriage

9. Parenting fight

“You are not a good parent”, “you are not good with kids”, ever heard of these lines? It’s common to have one lenient and one strict parent. Instead of fighting over it, think of what is good for your kids. You have to learn to compromise or have proper communication on these things.

fight between couples after marriage

10. Not solving the problem and taking things lightly

If your partner is reminding about something to you again and again, then you need to listen to him/her. It must be important and that is why they have to remind you. You can’t just ignore it or keep procrastinating.

fight between couples after marriage

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