Problems of Artists : Every Artist Will Relate To Them!


11. Marketing and selling

There is always a bunch of these artists who are phenomenal with their pieces but are still way behind in the race.  This is only because they fail to target the audiences who can come and buy their art. Poor marketing and selling  skills are what keeps away the fantastic pieces away from booming the market. Due to this, even the expansion plans fail. When one cannot generate the income that can cover the basic cost, dreams of expansion go down the  drain automatically.

The Problems of Artists That They Face Every time

12. The Artist Block

The problems of artists are never ending. One such is when you face the artist block, the terror strikes! Nothing is more depressing when being an artist one can’t create a piece that he wants to despite numerous attempts. It’s  indeed sad when there are days they want to create a masterpiece but just can’t.

The Problems of Artists That They Face Every time

13. Lack of appreciation

Even after constant efforts when one isn’t being appreciated for what he does the artist is for sure going to  embrace the pitfalls. This will thus affect his quality to perform better and stand in the competition.

The Problems of Artists That They Face Every time

Problems of artists are never ending. It is not always the artist to be blamed for his failure. Sometimes luck, exposure etc does affect them at large. So think twice before criticizing an artist because its easy to judge then feeling the heat in your ass!


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