Prom Is More Important Than The Oscars At Least That’s What These People Think!


Prom, probably the best part about graduating High School, you go through so much within these walls that this becomes a consolation. But, deciding the prom dress is even more work than the prom itself. Yep, choosing that perfect gown and the perfect Tux can be really hard work. But, looks like these people have been planning it all their lives and have made the prom even more important than the Red Carpet to Oscars itself.

These people have even left behind Hollywood celebrities at the Red Carpet at Oscars with their looks for, well, PROM!

1. Not sure whether he’s a Chameleon or a Slytherin graduate!

2. Looks like somebody owns a lot of cash, matching Hover with matching teeth. Weirdly nice.
3. Looks like the Snapchat filter got the better of him, or maybe his date gave him the leftovers from her dress!
4. That is, well, that is that ladies and gentlemen.
5. When you want to look exactly like Chadwick Bosman but you forget that there’s only one Black Panther, WAKANDA FOREVER!
6. Is it just me, or are these two really looking like Kim and Kanye, Well, low budget of course.
7. That is so much glitter! I mean, it looks nice, but man!
8. When people tell you that you look like Beyonce, so you start giving your Superstar poses!

9. Okay, that is one ridiculous dress. How did you even come up with this?

10. Sis, did you want to go to prom as a highlighter?

11. When Cardi B is your soul sister, so you end up trying to be her for Prom.

12. Definitely looks like Aladdin. That’s your magic carpet buddy?

13. Trying to go retro for the prom, definitely works.

14. When you didn’t want an inch of that expensive dress material to be wasted.

15. But, you shall go to prom, here’s your dress and that Cinderella is your carriage.


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