These Psycho Girlfriend Texts Are Gonna Make You Wonder Whether You Should Laugh Or Cringe!


Girls deal with a roller coaster of emotions every day. I mean I’m not saying that boys don’t. But I’m sure they don’t go all psycho over every little thing. Blame the hormones, but some girls are really really crazy, and you just don’t know what is their new level of crazy when it comes down to their boyfriends. Have a look at these psycho girlfriend texts and decide whether you should laugh or cringe!

Here are 17 psycho girlfriend texts that are gonna make you wonder whether you should laugh or cringe!

1. I can relate to this! (not like I do something like this, but only his sister can like his pictures. No not even step sister!) 

psycho girlfriend texts


2. Okay!!! That is one CRAZY CHICK!

psycho girlfriend textsvia

3. Wait, what? *psycho girlfriend alert*


psycho girlfriend textsvia

4. This served him right, though! Happy Barbecue 😀

psycho girlfriend textsvia 


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