8 Reasons Why Men Are Scared By The Prospect Of Marriage! #6 Is So True!


Before taking the huge step of marriage you find your man trying to escape out of it and then you seldom think that there is something wrong with your relationship. Or we can state it as – if you are in a relationship then the question of marriage is always there whether you talk about it or not.

Let me tell you the reason why your man is afraid of getting married.

1-Why Won’t Your Man Take This Big Step With You..?

Get assured, this has nothing to do with you..! It is all him and there are no particular reasons and definitely, there are more than one.

 why your man is afraid of getting married


2. Commitment Is Scary.

Yes, your man might be afraid of commitment. Blame his single friend, movies or his parents’ divorce. Marriages are like final. They’ll have to commit to one person and environment, there is no other option. They seldom think what will they do when they get what they called – ‘BORED’.

 why your man is afraid of getting married


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