12 Extremely Stupid Things People Do In The Name Of Love!


Falling in love with someone is a good feeling with all the butterflies you get and an even better feeling when they fall for you too. But there are stupid things people do when they get smitten with someone.

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Read this post to find out the stupid things people do.

1. Letting go of the best of opportunities.

Many times when people fall for someone, they tend to deny even the best of opportunities for themselves. Such as, they get the job that’ll pay them a fortune yet they kindly deny the offer because they cannot live away from the person they love.


2. Stalking. 

Another one of the stupid things people do is that they end up stalking their partners. Be it on social media or outside the barriers of the virtual world, the ‘keeping an eye’ on their partners remain constant. If you’re actually in love, you need to learn how to respect her private space and not intervene in it.


3. Getting a tattoo.

Apparently, you are so much in love and so smitten with your partner that you end up getting their name tattooed on yourself. Getting a tattoo without any idea of whether the relationship can go the mile or not is yet another one of the stupid things people can do.



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