Craziest Reasons Why Women Reject Men


You finally get the courage to ask a girl out, then you get rejected. We’ve all been there at some point, and there are a wider variety of reasons why this may have happened. We’ve always been confused about why exactly women reject men.

So here are some key reasons why women reject men.

1. Bad Presentation

First impressions start with appearance so make sure that your hygiene is up to par. Foul breath is also a massive turn off for women. Above all, make sure you are fresh and smelling clean. No one likes the guy that has overwhelming body odour. Worn out clothes or clothes with holes give evidence of a lack of self-care. This is a serious reason why women reject men.

women reject men

2. Desperation

Girls can smell desperation a mile away. This is a massive turn off and can lead to a hard ‘no’ rejection.

Women reject men

3. Lack of Job Prospects

Girls like men that have clear direction in their life. If you are still living at home playing video games with clue about what to do with your life, this is a sure fire way to get rejected. Solution here is simple get your act together to stand the best chance of not getting rejected.

Women reject men


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