Most Relatable Memes That Will Surely Cheer You Up


Without a doubt, memes are one of the most trending things on the internet since quite some years now. We all enjoy memes because they are that damn good. Definitely, there are so many memes all around social media which are so relatable that it would make you laugh out loud. In my personal opinion, relatable memes are the best and that is the reason we have brought to you 10 of the most relatable memes of all time:

Source : BloggersArena

1. Paused Music

Relatable Memes

Well, this is one of those things which many people actually do in real life. Hence, beware having secret conversations in front of somebody who is wearing headphones.

2. Rebel

Relatable Memes

Honestly, this is a rebellious act but does that qualify anyone as a bad guy?

3. Anxiety

Relatable Memes

Caffeine rush can definitely go wrong anytime. This is one of those situations.

4. Always Happy

Relatable Memes

You must, at least, have one person in your life who is like this. Bad days occur in everybody’s life but he/she should always stay happy, no matter what.

5. Mamma’s Boy

Relatable Memes

This is one of the most relatable memes, if not the most relatable meme. It is also funny how hairstyles can change your perspective towards any person.

6. Is That A 3D Printer?

Relatable Memes

If only technology was this advanced, I would have made so many puppies in a true.

7. Very Relatable

Relatable Memes

Relatable memes like this are what I live for. This is so funny and depressing at the same time.

8. Vegans

Relatable Memes

Many of the vegetarians levelled up to being vegans. Well, what is next for them?

9. Expectations Hurt

Relatable Memes

Don’t expect anything after just watching an advertisement. This is the reason why.

10. Bad Guy

Relatable Memes

There is always this one bad boy in every group of friends who you have to tolerate because he is really popular and a fun person to hang out with. Again, this is one of the most relatable memes for many.


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