These Relationship Fails Will Make You Glad That You Are Still Single


If you’re single, thus not in any form of relationship, then it is pretty obvious to guess that you’ve often felt the need to have someone you love & cherish by your side. But have you ever wondered how your single life saves you from going through these relationship fails? Roaming around the streets, seeing couples display their love for each other visibly that makes you sad about not having somebody that you could share your love with. We’ve all been through that.

Relationship Fails That Make You Glad To be Single


But then again, single life is not all bad. And sometimes you’re better off being single than being in a relationship, the list we are going to go through from here on will pretty much prove that. Let’s go through some epic relationship fails that’ll make you feel happy about your single life.


Relationship Fails That’ll Make You Glad To Be Single

1. Sometimes labelling could lead to something really awkward. Amanda(The Girl) got her hopes too high, while Mike(The Guy) obviously didn’t feel the same way about her.

Relationship Fails That Make You Glad To Be SingleVia


2. Bad thing about texting? You can’t sense the tone. That is why we’d rather be single than going through relationship fails like these. 


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