Ryan Reynolds Rules Over Twitter With His Epic Responses To Crazy Fans


Ryan Reynolds a.k.a Deadpool a.k.a the coolest celeb on twitter *ahh dreamy*Known for his supremely awesome tweets which just consolidate his status as the King of Twitter, Ryan Reynolds has a mob of crazy fans who he has to combat with epic responses when they kind of go off the creepy insane edge and hound him with over-the-top horny requests which he sidesteps with utmost finesse. So for your entertainment, we are presenting here the top most picks from the treasure of insanity from Ryan’s twitter account.

Go on have a look, fall in love with Ryan Reynolds once more as he slew his crazy fans with his epic responses:


1. All I can imagine is him reading this in a church. Oh my

Ryan Reynolds crazy fans epic responses

2. I would have called the cops by now but he handles it like a pro

Ryan Reynolds crazy fans epic responses

3. Probably the most decent fan in the crazy fans list Ryan Reynold has, just two words but still one of the epic responsesRyan Reynolds crazy fans epic responses 


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