Ryan Reynolds Rules Over Twitter With His Epic Responses To Crazy Fans


10. Good Deadpool.  Such desperate human beings do exist, stay strong Ryan

Ryan Reynolds crazy fans epic responses


11. Combating all this on daily basis? He really is a superhero

Ryan Reynolds crazy fans epic responses

12. Unless your wife is a serial killer in disguise, Ryan…Ryan Reynolds crazy fans epic responses


Couldn’t really decide whether to be blown away by Ryan Reynolds and his epic responses or to clutch your head in horror by the sheer insanity of his crazy fans? Yeah, Deadpool did end up bringing the entire mentally imbalanced crew on the face of the earth to him; he is a target of such wild requests on a daily basis. These were just a small sample from the huge mound of crazy from Ryan Reynolds’ twitter account and this is a daily occurrence… imagine facing this EVERY DAY without fail. Oh boy, the man surely has the patience to envy.



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