The Shape Of Your Teeth Can Reveal A Lot About Your Personality. Check Yours!


Ever thought that the shape of your teeth can reveal a lot about your personality? Neither did I but it’s true that the shape of your teeth can reflect your personality! This science is called Morph psychology and it’s used to evaluate and know about a person’s personality by their appearance. The first thing you notice about a person while having a conversation with them is their teeth. If you know what’s the shape of their teeth you can easily find out what kind of a person they are. There is basically four type of teeth shape- Rectangle, Square, Triangular and Oval.

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So take a look at the mirror or look closely while conversing with someone and you may know what kind of personality they possess by seeing the shape of their teeth!


Shape of your teeth says about your personality


People with the rectangular shape of their teeth have practical and solution-oriented characteristics. They are very rational with anything and everything is it work or their personal lives. These people are a total control freak and an amazing decision maker and leader. They make a very good planner and are dynamic, sociable, talk a lot but are very sharp with their conversations. They can be very imaginative and full of ideas.

These people can be unemotional and a bit irritable sometimes.

Shape of your teeth says about your personality


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