Shocking Reactions From Women Who Had No Idea That They Were Pregnant!


Well, pregnancy is definitely a big deal. But some people had no idea that they were pregnant! And They had some really shocking reactions when they found out that they were pregnant.

These women had some shocking reactions when they found out about their pregnancy!

1. Well, at least you found out and stopped.

shocking reactions to pregnancy

2. God! I mean why? I don’t know man, some people can be really cruel.shocking reactions to pregnancy

3. I just hope that both you and the baby is healthy.

shocking reactions to pregnancy4. Whoa! That must have come as a surprise to you.shocking reactions to pregnancy

5. Awww, that is really, I don’t know, probably the best surprise I guess.

shocking reactions to pregnancy

6. They definitely should disown you, that’s your baby so it is definitely your responsibility.

shocking reactions to pregnancy

7. I hope so too, well, I think what you did after you found out is more important.shocking reactions to pregnancy

8. You couldn’t have prevented it, but you have my heart. It really hurts.


shocking reactions to pregnancy9. Well, it happens, but it must’ve come as a really nice surprise.

shocking reactions to pregnancy

10. I think that is really the most important thing right? That the baby is healthy.

shocking reactions to pregnancy11.shocking reactions to pregnancy

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12. Well, you should really look out for the symptoms.shocking reactions to pregnancy

13. Aww, I think that it’s really nice that you feel this way.shocking reactions to pregnancy

14. Haha! I certainly hope that it was a nice surprise for you!
shocking reactions to pregnancy
15. Well, I wouldn’t want that, I really want the experience.shocking reactions to pregnancy

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16. Awww, that is so cute, but what’s more important is that he is really loving your being pregnant.shocking reactions to pregnancy

17. That’s the benefit of being already fat! Nobody can make out!shocking reactions to pregnancy

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18. Well, for starters, you should tell the father. He has a right to know I guess.shocking reactions to pregnancy

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19. It doesn’t have to be that way, you can really sort things out.

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20. Whoa! That’s a biggie.shocking reactions to pregnancy


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