These Are By Far The Creepiest Things Kids Said! Find Out What They Were!


Kids will be kids. They say hundreds of things that we  don’t really understand from where they come up with *inner kid rolls eye*. Sometimes they say things that are too mature for their age and sometimes you can’t make out at all what they want to say. But at times they say something so creepy that is beyond your imagination. You keep wondering how and when did they started thinking about such things. If you’ve ever witnessed such a situation, you’ll definitely relate with these. In this article I’ve put up some of the creepiest things kids said that made the listeners dumbstruck!

Here are some of the creepiest things kids said and we don’t really know how they came up with this!

1. Murdering birds. Never really thought kids could be this violent!

creepiest things kids said


2. Okay kid, I hate you too! -_-

creepiest things kids saidvia

3. Hi Hi Hi switched over to Die Die Die…

creepiest things kids saidvia

4. I’d say his brother’s creepier than he is!

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