9 Signs That A Deceased Loved One May Still Be Existing Close To You


8. Touch

The feeling of being touched when no one is around is a large sign, that a deceased loved one is nearby and trying to make contact. It could be a touch to the shoulder, a kiss, or a pat on the arm. When the energy of the room changes and suddenly feel like you are being touched, many believe it is from your deceased loved one reaching out to you.

signs deceased loved one existing


9. Animals

A deceased loved one can sometimes use animals to make themselves known and make you realize that they are still existing. These signs must not be ignored A bird, dragonfly, or any other creature may catch the eye of someone who is grieving because they find the animal very familiar. Animals approaching or even touching people are strong indicators that a deceased loved one has been trying to make contact.

deceased loved one


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 They are not always gone, they might be existing around you, for you. And they leave signs for you to understand.


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