Signs That You Have A Psycho Girlfriend Who Is Making Your Life Worse


No wonder love is a beautiful feeling. It feels even lovelier when you find the one person you’ve been looking for all your life. But, life is not a fairy tale. You might fall in love with someone who’s actually a psychopath. That’s when you realise that things aren’t going to be as sweet as you’ve imagined it to be. If you have a psycho girlfriend, you know what it feels like.

Here are some signs that would help you know if you have a psycho girlfriend or not.

1. She hates all your friends. 

Does she hate your friends? That too for no apparent reasons? It might even be your childhood friend you’ve known for ages or your classmates. Everybody you befriend poses a big problem and she just doesn’t seem to like anyone of them. Not a single person.

psycho girlfriend

2. She wants access to your social networking sites’ accounts.

She constantly keeps on asking for your Facebook password, phone password, Instagram password and access to your WhatsApp messages. She might have even tried to unlock your phone a lot of times while you weren’t around.


3. She gets jealous. ALL THE TIME. 

You get heated arguments almost all the time because she was jealous. She gets jealous about everything. That’s a serious issue. You know, that’s what psycho girlfriends do.

psycho girlfriend


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