20 Snapchatters Who Are Totally Slaying The Life!


We all are well acquainted with this new and trending social application-Snapchat! Snapchatters are the one who uses this application! Snapchatters usually click a photo or shoot a video and send it to your friends after adding a caption or add it as a story for your selected friends. The pic sent personally can only be viewed for 10 sec and then it will erase from the records and the story can be viewed up to 24 hours from the time it was uploaded. Snapchat has a lot of features that are buried within which a normal user will have to hunt down so we will admit that it’s not the most user-friendly app but these snapchatters have totally mastered it and are totally slaying the life.

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Tired of watching celebrities’ perfect, awesome, rich lives on Snapchat? Here are some hilarious, good old fashioned normal snapchatters who are totally slaying the life! These people know how to create some amazing memorable posts!

1.snapchatters slaying the life


2.snapchatters slaying the life


3.snapchatters slaying the life


4.snapchatters slaying the life



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