These Subtle Things Will Definitely Ruin Your Relationship. Avoid Them!


So once a fool said, “Everything is fair in love”. Lol! We all get angry or irritated at some point of time and it’s never easy to please someone. While we are talking about the feelings of individuals you should also know that there are some subtle things that you should never do in a relationship, and it’s common for all the couples. If you do so, then get ready to get doomed. It will certainly ruin your relationship and fix it up again depends on your romantic skills that you obviously don’t have, just kidding. Well, it’s better not to do these things, so you wouldn’t have to worry about the backup plans to make it up again.

Are you curious to know the destroyers of a relationship? Here are the subtle things that are most likely to ruin a relationship. Have a look!

1. Ego problem

Even the strongest relationship can’t survive if there’s ego problem. This ego problem can be shown in many ways but the most common form is not willing to apologize. You shouldn’t refuse to say sorry when you know it’s your problem. A simple sorry and mutual respect can fix the things in no time. If saying sorry is the hardest thing for you then let me tell you that this stubbornness can ruin everything.

subtle things that ruin a relationship

2. Being sarcastic when your partner is already angry

People say sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. It definitely has less of humor and more elements of offending the other person. You can’t always use your sarcasm wherever you want, there is a right time and place and you should never ever give any sarcastic suggestion or answers when someone is genuinely angry about something. Using sarcasm during a fight is same as pouring gasoline on a house fire and calling the fire department afterward. So be careful and watch your tongue before making any comments.

subtle things that ruin a relationship

3. Poor hygiene

As long as you are in a long distance relationship, it’s all good. But if you are staying with your partner then you might wanna change this habit. This is especially for guys as they have poor bathroom etiquette. It doesn’t have to be one of those weird relationships where you need everything to be perfect, but let’s try to keep it normal. Few things can be gross and it’s better to keep them personal.

subtle things that ruin a relationship


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