The New IPhone Will Come Loaded With Features To Die For – Start Saving For Yours


iPhone stands out from the herds of smartphones for its unique set of features and status quo. It is undoubtedly the most popular phone in the world. Apple is known for always giving their customers a wonderful experience and heaps of new features with every update – which easily makes it a brand to recon. Last year, Apple introduced several new features with the latest IOS update. And this year as well, Apple is planning to surprise their users giving them new features with updates and new iPhone models as well. So let’s take a quick look at the upcoming features and updates for iPhone 2019.

Three lens camera on the new iPhone: New iPhone will come with a triple camera.

OLED display: iPhone will come equipped with OLED display this year which offers more black and bolder colors.

Three new models of iPhone this year: Apple is going to launch three new models of the iPhone. Probably the models will follow the advanced version of its previous one and will come in more bolder colors.

New and advanced camera sensor: With the new three-camera system, the iPhone camera is going to be more intelligent and sensible.

Improved face unlocks: Face identification of iPhone will now be much more faster and more reliable.

Better selfie camera: Apple has improved its selfie camera and the new iPhone selfie camera is going to be more advanced with lots of added features.

Two Bluetooth device connection simultaneously: Now with a new iPhone, you can connect to two Bluetooth devices at the same time.

More powerful Bluetooth streaming: With the new updates the iPhone Bluetooth audio streaming will be more smooth.

Fast charger: New iPhones are coming with fast charging features.

Charge sharing : Now you can charge your smartwatch with your iPhone.

Powerful battery : The latest iPhones will come with heavy battery life and backup features.

Apple’s 2019 iPhone models will come equipped with a Lightning connector rather than a USB-C, which many were hoping for.


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