The Tiny Hole In An Airplane Window Can Actually Save Your Life!


If you have ever noticed a tiny hole in the window of the plane and freaked out, sit tight. There is nothing to be afraid of and the tiny hole is neither a manufacturing defect nor a sign of wear and tear; it is there for a purpose.

In fact, the tiny hole in the window has been designed by the manufacturers quite deftly. It serves a number of purposes. However, the most important purpose is to keep the plane and therefore you safe.

Planes are pressurized tubes. They need to keep it pressurized since the air in the upper atmosphere is very light and is not possible to breathe in that air. The inside of the plane develops a high pressure as soon as it lifts up so that passengers don’t feel any difficulty. It must be said that the pressure is higher in comparison to air pressure at a higher altitude, but it is not higher than the normal atmospheric pressure. In fact, airplanes tend to maintain normal atmospheric pressure.

Nevertheless, at a higher altitude, this pressure is significantly higher than the outside pressure. This creates pressure on the plane and its accessories. the manufacturers use this tiny hole in the window to balance this pressure to some extent.

There is a tipping point beyond which some air from the inside would leak onto the outside. However, as this takes place the pressure of the cabin does not drop. This is because this transfer of pressure takes place between the different panes of the window and the outside environment.

It needs to be noted that the airplane window is usually made of 3 panes.

The hole also works as an exhaust for all the moisture that the passenger’s breath out.

If the hole had not been there, it would have resulted in a misty window which would have robbed you of the enjoyment of seeing the outside.



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