These Annoying Habits Of Travelers Can Make Any Fellow Passenger’s Journey Miserable


Airplanes have undoubtedly made commuting easier for the masses. Bringing the days worth of journey down to a few hours has been a boon for many. But sometimes these few hours of flying turn to a nightmare – thanks to the ordeals our fellow passengers put us through. While we can’t avoid getting into problems with our co-passengers altogether when we are restricted to a confined space, but what we can do is be more mature and considerate with our habits that might be causing a problem for others.

It is high time that people realize that traveling via air requires some etiquettes, following which can warrant a peaceful traveling experience for everyone. Our habits are our own, it is not at all polite to inflict them on others, that too when you are on a long journey with them in a confined space. Some people bring their annoying habits on board and make it difficult for fellow passengers to have a peaceful flight.

Here are some of the most annoying things people do on the plane that they need to stop doing ASAP!

Hogging up all the space in overhead bins


Keeping your feet on seats or armrest



Taking off the shoes even when you know your feet or socks will stink


Not maintaining personal hygiene


Invading fellow passenger’s personal space


Talking way too loudly over the phone or with fellow travelers

Using the loo at the time of take-off or landing or leaving a mess behind

Ignoring the safety announcements or not following the in-flight protocols

Standing up immediately once the plane touches down the runaway

Boarding before group number is called or ignoring the boarding announcements altogether 


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