These Common Habits Might Seem Harmless But need Immediate Attention


Habits will either make you or break you. We sometimes unknowingly develop some habits which become reason for our weakness or diseases. So let’s talk about some common habits you should avoid.

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1. Sleeping manner

common habits you should avoid

The position you sleep in at night might hamper your health. It might cause blockage to your breathing, unstable the blood circulation and is not good for your spinal stream and facial skin.

2. Shelling sunflower seeds with your teeth

common habits you should avoid

This might look normal to you but it causes a great deal of harm to your teeth. Also, people who are suffering from nerve bladder issue should avoid sunflower seeds.

3. Stopping yourself from sneezing

common habits you should avoid

When you try to control a sniffle, the intensity goes right back into the nasal entries through the Eustachian cylinder which might affect your hearing. As this will cause a circulatory strain chances are it can affect your entire throat.

4. Usage of toothpicks

common habits you should avoid

Not only it harms your teeth but also your gums and causes serious disease. It is advised to use dental floss instead.

5. Don’t lick or blow on your wounds

common habits you should avoid

It slows down the process of healing. Study has shown that nearly 600 microorganisms are present in an individual’s mouth so when you are blowing the organism settle on the wound and the blood provides a perfect place for them to breed.

6. Chewing something solid

common habits you should avoid

This is one of the common habits people cannot seem to discard. We often tend to chew a pen or pencil constantly when we are under pressure. It is pretty obvious that gnawing a hard substance damages the veneer of your teeth.

7. Too many Bubble gums

common habits you should avoid

Chewing bubble gum for a very long time intensifies the rate of secretion of gastric juices. Which with time can result in gastric ulcer. It also leads to hurting your teeth and decaying the dental fillings.

8. Touching your face and eyes

common habits you should avoid

No one can ever keep a track on where there hands have been. So touching your face or scratching your eyes should be avoided.

9. Bathing in hot water

common habits you should avoid

It causes your scalp to become grimy faster by boosting the sebaceous organ on your scalp.

10. Stopping yourself from going to bathroom

common habits you should avoid

It is one of the common habits which is really harmful in the long run. Trying to hold up your pee causes of serious disturbance in the urinary tract, bladder, digestive organs and kidney. If it keeps on happening, it will cause urinary infection and blockages.


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