Things Everyone Has Done But No One Will Admit


We all do things, things we like to do and things we don’t. Things we would like to admit we did and feel proud about the stuff, and things we just won’t admit we did. Sometimes, these are embarrassing sometimes it’s just something you’d do unknowingly, like sit seeing the same post on social media for hours and not know where your time went and then completely refuse to accept you wasted time on your phone.

Below are some of these things that everyone does but don’t admin:

Everyone gets excited about horses when they see one.


Unhygienic, But well…

But how am I supposed to know what I’m cooking and how I’m gonna make it.


Necessary, this is not just one word that can confuse the whole world as to what you write, knock, knee, knew and infinite other words can scare the hell out of you.

Good Music.

When your “Good Music” is just so relatable but so good to avoid.

I get this Daily.

Just wasting an hour in the toilet leads to this, giving an expert’s advice.

A door away from disaster!

If you ever did this and didn’t try to correct it, you know it could get worse, and definitely, don’t want mom to kill you.

The Ultimate Confusion.


Happens with me many times, I’m sleeping comfortably and then I suddenly wake up thinking I missed my alarm and am doomed but realize I have 3 hours of sleep left, like wtf?


You might have right now stumbled upon this just because of this I guess.

Relatable on So Many Levels.

Even if I know I’m gonna get it tomorrow, I need to check where it is so I can have a rough estimate of what time it’s arriving.

That Pain Tho.

I  can never avoid the pain that small line of skin causes! It’s a pain you don’t admit in front of people but that sh1t’s real!


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