Things You Didn’t Learn At School But Are Fascinating To Know About


People go to schools to learn new things and how they happen. There is a lot that people learn there. Yet, there are things that schools don’t teach. Some of these are not just interesting but extremely exciting and fascinating. You will be amazed to know that your school has not taught you these things. Here are few of those amazingly fascinating, exciting and thought-provoking things that you may not have learnt at school.


Proving Pythagorus theorem with the help of water contained in three containers each of which is aligned on an arm of a triangle.


Flowering of a dandelion is something to see to believe. It really transforms from a diminutive bud to an attractive flower.


Development of the baby’s face inside the womb goes through some bizarre transformations that can really give you impression of a dough being shaped into different shapes.


The number of flights that fly in 24 hours around the world – It really feels like a swarm of bees.


Try to feel swallowing of food – have you ever seen this in the school.


Tried refraction of light experiments at school? Just take a glass, make a perforation on one side of it and point a beam of light right on the perforated point from the other side. You will see light bending along with the stream of water.


If you take an egg under the water, you can see what is within it.


Read about stars getting drawn inside black holes? Look at the depiction and get lost in the mysteries of nature.


You surely know that keys open locks. Do you know how it happens? It is not that complicated either. It is just that the teeth of the key and the teeth of the lock must match.


They tell us to wash our hands properly but do you know why? This is how our hands look after just 3 seconds and 30 seconds of washing.

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