This Homeless Man Got A Shocking Makeover That Left Him In Tears


People are heavily judgmental these days. There’s a old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover, but sadly, that is exactly how people operate in this world we live in. We are often quick to pass judgment about someone’s character based on just their appearance or lifestyle. Not many of us invest quality time in actually knowing someone before giving a verdict about their character. This mindset of society becomes harsh for anyone who doesn’t meets the set standards of living and these people end up becoming victims of discrimination.

Jose Antonio, a homeless man from Spain, has been living on streets since last 25 years. As a result, he looked more like a hobbit and for the people who didn’t knew him well, he was appalling to say the least. Years and years of unkempt lifestyle has resulted in him looking like someone from whom you’ll run away from, at the first glance.
The local residents of Majorca, Spain came to know about Jose over the years. He used work at a busy city square as an ‘unlicensed car parking attendant’ to scrape up anything he could to meet his clothing and food requirements. One of his regular car parking customer was the owner of a popular salon of the area, La Salvajeria.

As part of giving back to the community, the employees of the salon decided to give Jose a complete makeover – the results of which were astonishing. Post his makeover, Jose has found a new jest for life and is also known as ‘George Clooney of Spain’ by the locals. Jose is now in hope that his viral status will earn him a good job and probably a life partner as well.

We wish Jose all the good luck in life – see his amazing transformation in pictures below

The hobbit look

Adios Mirrors – Jose’s transformation was kept a secret from him

His hairs were a mess and they were chopped off first

The beard was next to go

Some coloring and new clothes

And Viola! The moment of revelation

Jose was in tears and so were we!

Is this the same man?

Image Credits : YouTube


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