This Nigerian Photographer Is Going Viral For Her Dark Skin Photography


Remember the five-year-old viral girl from Nigeria who was crowned as the ‘most beautiful girl in the world’ for her stunning and extraordinary looks? The talented photographer behind the girl’s viral status, Mofe Bamuyiwa, has once again set the Internet on fire with her amazing latest work.

Mofe’s work garnered recognition when she posted the pictures of Jare which went viral overnight and made people swoon over the little girl’s silky smooth skin and luxurious hair. The photographer’s work was so impeccable that people instantly fell in love with Jare’s un-photoshopped beauty and innocence and encouraged Mofe to continue her outstanding work.

Mofe went ahead to continue clicking scintillating pictures of local beauties from Nigeria, Africa and beyond after Jare’s viral status and her work garnered more and more recognition on a worldwide basis. Her pictures’ beauty lies in the fact that she captures various skin shades in their true colors and makes people fall in love with them. With over 163k followers on Instagram, Mofe’s work is appreciated by Internet users in abundance. She also owns a website to her name where she can be reached for booking queries related to artistic and portrait photography.

Mofe hails from Nigeria and she surely has a talent for capturing melanin skin beauties. Her shots are not whitewashed or toned down from their original skin colors – she captures her models in their original skin tone – something many photographers avoid doing because of their affinity towards fairer skin.
Bamuyiwa’s work is incredible and makes one believe that beauty isn’t limited to just fair or white skin types. It is up to us to let go of our racist mentality and be acceptable towards all skin tones and types.

Checkout some of Mofe Bamuyiwa’s best portrait photographs below. We hope that she continues to inspire others with her flawless work.
















Image Credits: Mofe Bamuyiwa


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