Tourists Visiting Amsterdam Can Now Marry A Local For A Day And Go On A Honeymoon


Amsterdam is one of the most amazing places this world has to offer. Amsterdam is also the best country among the European gems that all the tourists want to visit once in their lifetimes. The country has maintained its charm over the years and hopefully will continue to do so as well. The country has a high rate of tourism that doesn’t seem to drop anytime soon and that’s why the country wants to make tourism even better for all the tourists. Recently, Amsterdam has introduced a plan in which tourists can marry a local for a day, and go on a honeymoon!

Below are the details of the one-day marriage and honeymoon:

Amsterdam is a gem!


There’s no denying that this is one of the countries that are in your bucket list if you’re a traveler kind.

The country has about 19 million tourists yearly.

That’s a big number and the country doesn’t seem to stop at just that.

It recently introduced an ‘Untourist Guide to Amsterdam’.


A website was launched recently which gives you the opportunity to ‘Marry an Amsterdammer for a day’.

Under this, the tourists can marry any Amsterdammer for a day.

The ones who have listed themselves as available of course.

There is a fake wedding for you both.


The fake wedding lasts for about 35 minutes and then your day as a married man starts.

Post the ceremony, you can enjoy the country with your fake bride/bridegroom.


And also indulge yourself in the gorgeous city.

You can escape monotony and your bride/bridegroom will be like your very personal guide who’s better than a guide in so many ways.

This is supposed to make tourists more friendly with the country.


And that the tourists don’t just visit the country for the sake of visiting it.


But, there’s a catch.


‘Honeymoon’ is just an Umbrella term and well if you have your hopes high up about the end of the day, you aren’t getting any, at least according to the plan the company will be giving you. But, in all, it’s a fun concept and makes your visit to Amsterdam even better.


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