Ultrasound Nails Are The New Trend Among Pregnant Ladies


Pregnancy is probably one of the most challenging as well as the most beautiful time of a woman’s life. Everything is so good during that, thinking about the future and a cute kid that’s gonna be born in the family and the thinking of being a mother and all that love people give you as well. One thing that many couples do is have an Ultrasound of the baby in the womb so as to check if it’s healthy among other things. If you are familiar with ultrasound, you know it’s stunning and can be used as more than just that. Some women eventually have come up with ideas and used ultrasound photos as the paint of their nails and they are amazing.

Below are some of the nails you’ll like to see:

Pregnancy is amazing and so is the Ultrasound.

Women are obsessed with the ultrasound and are as well creative.

So, they turned it into nails!


You can see how good this design looks.

It’s basically like painting pictures of the your-to-be baby.


It is just pretty cool and also kind of a new design that moms who are expecting are using nowadays.

This is the new trend already.


And it’s just spreading even faster plus its’s good.

These nails are so creative.


A simple sober design and then some photo of the ultrasound.

This might sound weird at first.


But, you had a baby and saw it’s ultrasound you’d know the excitement and happiness a mother has after seeing their kid for the first time.

This woman just did so much creative work.


You could see the baby the whole day like this.

Ultrasound also reveals what gender the kid is.

And designs like these just made parenting better.

She’s having a girl, let’s wish her luck.



I just love the design myself and all the hard work that goes into it is just plain amazing.


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